Ep #5: Why Most Entrepreneurs Are In A Health Crisis

In this episode of The Integrative Entrepreneur Podcast, the doctors outline the difference between traditional business coaching versus the approach they take at Integrative Growth Institute. When the CEO & leadership team aren’t thriving, neither is the business. Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole will walk you through case studies of entrepreneurial patients and the results they achieved. Listen through the end to hear how your ego, goals & values dictate the success of your business.

“The best entrepreneurs are investing back into themselves.” - Dr. Nick

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Noteworthy Time Stamps:

1:31 Biohacking for entrepreneurs

4:13 The common thread in coaching programs

6:00 Energy is bidirectional

7:00, 9:15 Case Studies

10:50 “Traditional” business coaching

12:33 Why integrative medicine needs to be part of business

14:46 Making money while not sacrificing yourself

16:40 Dr. Nicole’s AHA moment

19:00 Energy balance

23:18 Evaluating your business + employees

25:40 How we can help at IGI (hint: not everyone has the same goals)

31:00 Ego vs. Grounded in reality


Dr. Nicole:
This is the Integrative Entrepreneur podcast where it’s not what you do but how you do it. This is a podcast for entrepreneurs brought to you by entrepreneurs. We have been building a multi-million dollar healthcare business for over 10 years and we have weaved together some of the best information for the people that are doing the best work in the business. This includes Dr. Dimartini who is a master in human behavior to Verne Harnish who has created the methodologies of scaling up that has scaled many, many of the best businesses that we all know of. We want you to not only have a business that you love but also a life that you love.

Well, welcome back. We’re just going to roll with it. So today, we are actually doing a bit of a spin off from our past two podcasts about burnout and really it ties in very well because we really want to showcase a specific part of the Growth Institute program which is integrative medicine for the entrepreneur. And that might seem like a very odd thing to incorporate in a coaching program but we’re going to tell you a little bit of a story today as to why we think that this is so important. And really I feel like there’s two stories from more of our coaching past and seeing that so many individuals that were struggling within their business had so many things that were coming up in their personal life that they were struggling to navigate. But one of the other stories is actually a focus on a patient who came through Integrative Wellness Group but also happened to be an entrepreneur. And going through his consultation just was such a massive aha moment for how important the health of an entrepreneur is.

Dr. Nick:
Yeah. I mean, when you look at it some of the best entrepreneurs are also doing what’s known as tons of biohacking. They’re always trying to, like we talked about they’re always just investing back into themselves. So within any intelligent investment it’s like how can you put the least amount of energy out and get the biggest return on your investment. And the best investment an entrepreneur can have is energy because if we can fill ourselves up and have that full capacity, that full tank. But also it’s about we don’t have a limit on our tank, we can increase the capacity that we can hold. And that’s one of the best things that I’ve learned is that we can actually grow the capacity of us to be able to maintain and hold larger and larger amounts of energy so that we can give more because we can’t give something we don’t have. So first as with anything we have to fill ourselves up and then we can actually give.

Dr. Nicole:
And I think that the bio-hacking is great to touch on as well because there are certain individuals that are utilizing different modalities or different plant medicines and they’re leveraging this idea of biohacking. And some individuals are getting great results and then there are others that are not necessarily seeing the same results. I always say you don’t know what you don’t know and it’s really a matter of understanding more about what’s happening in your physiology, what’s happening in your body, what’s happening in your mind, what’s happening in your biology. And the only way you can really do that is by digging a bit deeper and leveraging better diagnostic tools. And I’m not talking about your conventional blood work, I’m talking about diagnostics that include everything from bioenergetic testing, comprehensive blood work, comprehensive heavy metal testing, mineral testing, as well as DNA based testing which is something that we are focused on in our integrative medicine practice.

But we have to really be able to figure out what is the root to why we are continually getting burned out or we continually feel like we’re having a nervous breakdown as an entrepreneur. And I’ve heard it a million times is that I put my health on hold to get my business off the ground or to get my business to X. And then all of a sudden it’s five years have passed, 10 years have passed and it sometimes results in a health crisis.

And this was something that we saw over and over again in some of the coaching programs that we were in is that there would be individuals, they would go up and they would be in a hot seat and they would start getting emotional. Some people would get angry, some would start to cry, and at the end of the day what would come out of the hot seat is that yes they were struggling in their business but then this was now trickling into their personal life and their relationship was on the rocks, they’re getting divorced. They had a couple of miscarriages because their stress level was so high. They have resulted, or they’ve gone to different substances, alcohol, food, sugar, booze, whatever it is.

And there were just so many things as we navigated through these coaching programs that I’m like, “Wow, I just wish that more people knew about what we do.” Because these practices have completely transformed our lives and I think that it really has been a key player in how we’ve been able to sustain but also grow yeah. Well, I’m saying sustain because obviously there were times when we were doing the same, we were really running ourselves in the ground, but we almost could because we had all of these great modalities. So they could be used for good, they could be used for bad. And I’m just being super honest. We’re not going to sit here and say that we were always just perfect with the best energy and the best health. We’ve definitely seen the other side of it.

Dr. Nick:
We’re human.

Dr. Nicole:
We’re human.

And it’s really just looking at the foundation that energy is bio directional so understanding that is that your personal body, your personal life, that’s going to affect the quality of your business. And then literally the health of your business is going to affect not only the health of you personally but also the health of your relationships within your personal life. The best thing about what we can bring is literally tools to serve both sides of those. So I mean, foundationally it’s like you can’t give something you don’t have. You’re on the airplane, you have to put that oxygen mask on first.

So it’s about literally I mean let me share a short, short story because this was a new client that I really just recently had on the integrative medicine side. And this woman had about 25 years has been to the best of the best physicians with tons of diagnosis and went in and we did our regular just full workup and figured out the true causes of what was happening. What was interesting when I was going through what we call the report of findings is that her husband he looked like he was staring at a ghost and I was like, “Does all this makes sense?” He goes, “We haven’t talked about me at all.” And he’s like, “I do have a couple little health issues.” But he goes, “I’ve done so many executive workups from some of the best places around the nation that literally served just executives.” And he goes, “My last one that I had done was in Mayo Clinic Rochester.” And he goes, “Their testing was pathetic compared to everything you just went over.”

And it was just like in my eyes because this is just what we do day in and day out you forget how crappy our system, our healthcare system is. And not even crappy at being able to give the tools to be able to heal but how crappy the technology and the tools they use to evaluate all the different systems. Then for him they just did a very poor neurological workup and a basic blood work. And it was, I mean it was pathetic to be able to think of an executive that’s literally has…

Dr. Nicole:
Going to make an impact on the world through the work that he does.

Dr. Nick:
Exactly. And if they’re not able to show up they’re not able to really give what they should be giving to the world.

Dr. Nicole:
100%. That’s really where my biggest passion lies is that we love working with the general public in our integrative practice but being able to help the individuals that are trying to make an impact on humanity through their business that is something that gets both Dr. Nick and I extremely, extremely excited.

Recently we just had an individual, he was actually inquiring about the Growth Institute and he also was mentioning that he wanted to come to our integrative medicine facility. So, he ended up deciding that it made sense for him to start with the integrative medicine side. But this was such a massive aha moment for me and the reason why is because this individual went through his initial consultation and I’m taking him through a series of different questions and what we really uncover is the fact that he’s been a business owner for close to 15 years and he has completely run himself into the ground and put his health on hold to the capacity that he has now developed a variety of different conditions, everything from diabetes to metabolic syndrome, fatty liver has had a variety of different mental health diagnoses. Which partly can be associated with the diabetes and the heart condition as well as other pathological issues but in addition to that is he also uncovered the emotional trauma and the PTSD that he is still struggling with from childhood.

Dr. Nick can speak on behalf of this but he always speaks on how everything is very cyclical. So, a lot of the things that happened in childhood have actually been translated into relationships and has even translated into pain points in his business. And this was just so fascinating to me because more so I was thinking in the realm of the traditional business coaching structure. So, traditional business coaching structure is that you come in and you get business coaching and you’re not necessarily going through any type of diagnostic approach to understand all of the different facets of having a successful business which is your personal health, your mindset, and the structure foundation and culture of your business. All of those things are important.

So I thought about this individual that maybe he sought out some other business coaching program and he decided, “I need to get my business on track or I want to reach X goals for my business.” And he easily would have been a month, two months, maybe even six months in and it would have been practically impossible for him to implement these different tools because of the state of his health, his mental clarity, and the massive limiting beliefs that stem from childhood programming. So this would have been an individual that would have been super discouraged, potentially been a really tough client on the coaching program saying, “None of this is working.” But it really came down to he didn’t have a strong foundation and that weak foundation was him. It was his mind and his health.

And it was really at that moment I realized how significant our gifts were to creating this coaching program. Because, when we were creating the copy for our website I was like, “Gosh, people are going to think this is the oddest dynamic ever that we’re integrative doctors that are now doing business coaching.” And the reason why the Growth Institute was created was number one we went through our major, major burnout and obstacles that led us to learning about scaling up methodology which we knew about for many years but we ignored. And in addition to that was we have many friends that are business owners and entrepreneurs and they come over for dinner or barbecue. And I just would overhear Dr. Nick talking to them about their values and talking to them about how to link those values to the core values of their company and how the values infiltrate into the culture and literally coaching these individuals that are just sitting there like, “Oh my gosh, that was insane. That just changed everything for me.”

And it’s just amazing to bring all of this together to use first of all a proven methodology. Scaling up is used by the best of the best companies that have not only created successful companies but also sustained them. And the integrative medicine piece is such a missing link for all of these entrepreneurs that are trying to biohack themselves, they’re trying to be clear, they’re trying to tap into their creativity, they’re trying to focus, they’re trying to be as productive as possible in the shortest amount of time. And all of those things become a lot harder when thing are not working internally.

Dr. Nick:
Yeah. I mean, you think about it integrative medicines like biohacking on steroids, natural holistic steroids. But when you think about it I mean initially it was a weird concept like should we pair these two entities together both the medicine aspect of it as well as the business.

Dr. Nicole:
And the Demartini work.

Dr. Nick:
And the Demartini work. And it’s really when you look at it taking a step back it’s honestly pretty easy to make money but it’s hard to make money while serving yourself, while not killing yourself. And that is what we went through and that’s what we learned and that’s why certified scaling up, certified Dimartini, all of these different aspects and practitioners of integrative medicine. So it’s really about looking at the voids we went through of trying to make an amazing business to make a change in the world but at the same time not killing ourselves and loving life during the process. And really what we figured out is this blessing in disguise of once you put it all together it’s magical.

Dr. Nicole:
100%. I really don’t know where we would be without these different tools because obviously the integrative medicine piece was the first thing that we did. That was our degree, that’s what we went into business for. And that obviously, that helped us in so many ways but we had no idea that it would help us as entrepreneurs. But I just remember so many times when I was in college specifically and I was a pre-med major and having such negative self-talk saying to myself, “You’re not cut out for this, you’re not as smart as your peers, et cetera.” And later down the line, once I got into this world of integrative medicine and I did my own testing I realized that I had massive, massive mercury toxicity amongst other toxicity but mercury was a huge one.

And when I started to do my own protocol and deal with this I was like, “Oh my gosh. My mood is better. I’m so much more clear. I sleep better and I am so much more productive because I’m more clear.” And it was just this massive aha moment of first of all everybody needs this but entrepreneurs need this. We definitely, one of our first coaches was actually a mindset coach. And I actually hate the word mindset, you can maybe tell me why but I just feel like it’s an overused term.

Dr. Nick:
To add on that really quickly I could be wrong but I don’t think you like mindset because it’s associated with a positive mindset and a positive mindset is bullshit because I mean we might as well get into it a little bit here.

Dr. Nicole:
Here we go. Hold onto your seats people.

Dr. Nick:
I’m going to make it really simple but it’s really… Jumping back I’ll make it a little longer, but jumping back it was nine years ago. I heard a podcast of now on paper the wealthiest person in the world Elon Musk. And he’s like, “If you want to change something you have to know the foundation of how it works which is energy. The foundation of everything is energy and the science that is best with energy is physics.” And I was like, “Oh crap, I’m a shitty doctor.” So I started learning physics. With that I became a little more attached to learning quantum physics but through the process there’s fundamental laws that govern energy and one of those governmental laws is that energy is not created or destroyed, it’s only transferred into a new form.

And so another one is that equal and opposite that we talked about in a previous podcast and that’s just understanding that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. So Einstein was really one of the few that talked a lot about this bringing about but if you have a positive mindset you’re going to attract also negative aspects to maintain equanimity of that energy. So when we look at energy it’s like a magnet, it has a positive and a negative polarity to it and that positive and negative polarity is always equal. And you can’t have a positive without a negative, you can’t have a negative without a positive.

So you can’t have a benefit without a drawback or you can’t have a good thing without a bad thing. You can’t have a sinner without a saint. You can’t have peace without war. So when we truly understand that everything is in balance the true master mentally isn’t searching for positive, we’re searching for equanimity, we’re searching for balance. We’re searching for both the good and the bad in the event because when our awareness, when our conscious awareness can increase and see both sides equally instantaneously we can actually use both the good and the bad to serve us. When we don’t see those things we’re going to be a victim to whatever we don’t see.

So that’s when we look at mindset the bullshit behind mindset is trying to always be positive and if you get to the degree you’re going to be manic depressive because you’re only searching, everything’s always looking for positive you’re going to attract equal and opposite negative into your life to maintain that balance. So it’s not about positive thinking, it’s about maintaining equanimity and balance in your thinking and the easiest way to do that is by asking quality questions. So when we’re emotional everything is overactive in the limbic system of the brain which is the emotional center of the brain but when we can ask a quality question that drives the energy to the prefrontal cortex which is known as the executive center of the brain which is where we can make the conscious questions and decisions to really give us the best decision and action to take. So I know that was a tangent on mindset but it’s really about figuring out, having a balanced mind, a balanced awareness to be able to serve yourself so you can make literally decisions that’s going to serve your business as well as your personal life.

Dr. Nicole:
So what would you say to the person who says like, “That sounds depressing. That sounds like I shouldn’t be positive because if I am positive now I’m just going to attract negative.” I know that you’re constantly dealing with this when you’re working with our CEOs and our entrepreneurs that are trying to create more balance in the way that they think. So, what is your response to that?

Dr. Nick:
Well, it’s not that we can’t have positive negative because we’ll have emotions and the goal is not to be emotional. Emotion is literally the biggest creator tool that we have. But if we’re only trying to experience one side of things, that’s when we’re going to attract the equal and opposite. So if all we’re looking for is positive we’re going to have that opposite side literally attracting that into our life to maintain that balance.

So it’s about using if we have a positive emotion experience it and move on. If we’re holding onto that positive emotion that we know that we have an imbalance, some cycle usually created in our past that’s causing us to be able to attach onto only on to an experience that quote unquote benefit or goodness. And once you go through and you can actually see that the opposite drawback equally had benefits to serve you then you actually become a master of whatever happened to you instead of being a victim to it. So it’s not so much about only looking or only having positive emotions or only at the same time having negative emotions it’s just about using them to serve yourself.

Dr. Nicole:
Yeah and just to provide an example is that it’s not always going to be, “Okay, we got a record month this month so now a tree fell on my car.” It’s like it’s not necessarily that but it’s understanding that maybe you reached your top line revenue goal but the downside of it is that payroll was a bit more expensive but that’s because you brought on a new revenue generator for your business. So understanding that it’s not about like, “I want to increase my top line revenue threefold but I want everything else to stay exactly the same.” It’s just understanding that there’s going to be a push and pull for both. So as we’re up leveling and we’re achieving certain goals there are going to be some things that might be perceived as drawbacks.

In one of our previous podcasts we were talking about when we decided to really be dedicated to growing and scaling our business and we were faced with the question of, “Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone?” And there were a few individuals that the answer was no. So yes, we did grow and scale our business but we did have to let go of individuals that were close friends at that point in time.

Dr. Nick:
When our mind is actually quote unquote strong and aware we won’t have emotional reaction to that because our understanding is increased. So, understanding that energy is always maintaining balance. When we talked about a positive and a negative, when we look at growth you can’t have a gain without a loss. So you actually, the entrepreneur that’s intelligently creating their future they’re not only planning out their gains but they’re also planning out their losses. Which is pretty crazy to think about because you can’t have one without the other. So the goal is that yeah we’re going to lose things in life in order to gain but we want to intelligently design the loss to be able to serve us. And when we do that literally in a creative way moving forward that there’s flow. We don’t get hit with a loss and we think it’s a drawback to slow down our growth and evolution.

It’s really about, “Oh, there’s a loss and you smiling because you already saw it coming.” When I explain it to entrepreneurs one of the easy ways that they understand is looking at the stock market. It’s like you invest in a company and their stock goes up, “Awesome, I’m making money.” But if I want to buy more of it, the drawback is it costs more. When the stock goes down it’s like, “I lost money on profit but at the same time everything’s on sale.” So there’s benefits and drawbacks to both. So it’s really just about using whether the stock market’s up, whether the stock market’s down, how can you use both to serve yourself.

Dr. Nicole:
100%. Yeah and it’s really just a matter of bringing all of this together because chances are is there’s one of these pillars that are not working well and that’s really where this we call it triple D. But the deep dive diagnostic that we do with entrepreneurs is we go in and we take you through a variety of different assessments and we work with your leadership team, we work with the CEO and we figure out where is the weak link instead of assuming that everybody has the same problems and the same I should say the same goals.

That was something that was driving me absolutely insane in some of the coaching programs that I was in is that it was an assumption that everyone had the same goal and that goal was to make a million dollars a month. And the thing that really irked me was why is nobody talking about profit? Why are we not talking about pre-tax profit and looking at those percentages? Because you can grow to a million dollars a month but if you don’t have any profit then what does it really matter? Again, you’re just running yourself into the ground and to say I have a $12 million business but what do you actually have to show for it?

But again, it’s really just a matter of what are your goals for your business. One of our recent students that we took through the institute their automatic reason for joining was they want it to increase their revenue four times. And I was like, “Okay, that’s an amazing goal. Let’s dig a bit deeper.” So as we go through our deep dive diagnostics is that what their true values and desired freedoms were, were not congruent with the revenue that they wanted to make. Because they wanted to start a family and the wife was the primary office manager who they were not paying a salary by the way. So for those of you that are not familiar with Greg Crabtree get familiar because he calls you out as an entrepreneur on your bullshit around accounting and pretty much states if you are not paying yourself or your spouse, business partner, a fair market wage, then your numbers are skewed.

So, they were claiming that their profit was 40% and I’m like, “If your profits 40% I would love for you to teach a course in my institute because that’s amazing.” Digging into it is that they were not doing the right algorithms number one because they were doing their own accounting and number two is that they were not paying either one of them a fair market wage.

So I was like, “Okay so your goal is that your wife is going to leave the business and she’s going to now raise the family and now you’re down an employee that you need to hire for which is probably going to be anywhere between a $60 to $90,000 salary depending on your location. So now we have to factor that into your percentages and your revenue. And then in addition to that is you’re also stating that one of your biggest priorities is to spend less time in the office so that you can be with your family. So we need to get really clear on what is the strategy here because everything that you desire is not congruent with your original goal. I’m not saying that it’s impossible but this is going to take potentially bringing on new employees an automation strategy or whatever it is.”

So it was just a huge reality check for them but this should be a reality check for so many other people. Because you might be beating yourself down on a month to month, quarter to quarter basis saying, “I’m not reaching my goals, I’m not reaching my goals.” But it’s because your goals are not congruent with what you’re really trying to work towards.

Dr. Nick:
When I start out with people’s physical health it’s all about getting crystal clear on their goals. What are your health goals and why and with that it’s jumping back to values for everything it’s, “Are your goals literally congruent with your highest values?” Because we can set amazing goals and we can achieve those goals but if it’s not congruent with what’s most important to us we just worked our ass off and we’re on the mountain top and it was the wrong fucking mountain. So it’s literally about working more intelligently, just work smarter not harder. And that comes back to literally filling yourself up with energy and we can only do that by getting more healthy.

And when we look at health in the integrative aspect it’s not just I’m physically fit which is awesome but it’s like how’s your biochemistry. Looking at Chinese medicine is the energy running through your meridians literally bursting with life force? Are you grounded? Is your [inaudible 00:31:04] good? Going through each one of these actual processes and then looking at the mental, emotional standpoint, are you polarized? When I say polarized, are you imbalanced? Are you very reactive or are you in that I want to say grounded harmony state. And then the very last thing is the spirituality.

Dr. Nicole:
Are you functioning all through ego? A lot of us as entrepreneurs, as business owners, we are high achievers and that is something that can definitely skew our view because it’s always about achievement, achievement, achievement at any cost. And it’s really the ego that drives that. So it’s really just a matter of when we’re talking about grounded we’re not necessarily just talking about putting your feet in the sand but are you grounded in reality with what your goals are and are you doing things for the right reason? Are you doing things for the reasons that deeply, deeply fulfill you and inspire you or are you doing this to look good on paper or to talk about it at your next cocktail party?

So it’s really just bringing it back to a deeper purpose but at the same time is removing any roadblocks that are possible. A lot of times in business we’re looking for the roadblocks on where can I cut costs? Who can we lay off? Or what strategy can we put in place? What marketing campaign can we launch? Sometimes it really comes back to the health, the clarity and the mindset of the CEO who is the visionary, who is in the driver’s seat of the company. And you can definitely get by for a period of time with putting your health on hold but unfortunately it does catch up to you at a certain point in time.

Dr. Nick:
And I mean all of that when it comes to your personal health you could sum it up with one word it’s vitality. And entrepreneurs need to have the most amount of vitality because that’s what people are attracted to. People are attracted to energy. It’s like if you have a company and it’s a huge company or even a small company, it doesn’t matter, but if you’re burned out, if you’re tired, nobody wants to hang out with you. Because if you’re tired your threshold is low. You can’t deal with much stress. But if you’re strong and you’re full of energy, that attraction, people want to be around, you’re clear. It’s like your confidence is high. People are attracted to that. Your employees are attracted to that. People just want to be around you because it feels good. And that’s literally it’s one of the cheapest, easiest things to be able to do is literally just invest in your health and your life and all of that is going to pour out and affect everything else.

Dr. Nicole:
Yeah and one thing I want to say as we wrap up is because of our nature and being entrepreneurs and we have had such a big passion for how can we really help these individuals that are busy, that are busy and don’t always have time to go into an office and do certain therapies and what can we do or what can we create in order to create access to the best of the best healthcare for entrepreneurs. And that is actually why we created something called Home Care in a Box. And this was something that we originally created to allow our global clientele to access care in the comfort of their home but then we also started leveraging this in different corporations and literally bringing the equipment to conference meetings and helping individuals to realize that you could actually be in a executive meeting while leveraging different medical technologies that actually will help your health.

So at this point in time we are doing corporate wellness but we are also are providing care in the comfort of your own home. So, if you are working from home you actually can take a couple minute break and leverage some of the items that are in this health care box over under our discretion of course. But just understanding that there are things out there that can make this easy, can make it accessible and can literally transform your life.

Dr. Nick:
Yeah, it comes back to it’s not what you do it’s how you do it. So it’s like you can go through traditional health care and you have to travel and waste time and do all that stuff or you can literally work and work on yourself at the same time. I love the act of compounding. It’s my favorite tool to use in life.

Dr. Nicole:
Well, even our diagnostic process is actually very friendly to entrepreneurs too because we do DNA based testing and you have DNA in your hair. So simply by sending us a hair sample we actually do the majority of your testing. The main thing you have to do is go get your blood work drawn and that’s really the only thing you have to do on your end and this is accessible all over the world which is pretty amazing. So, it’s really, really, we’ve created this to make it accessible and to give entrepreneurs the ability to not have to put their health on hold because they don’t have the time.

Dr. Nick:
Love it.

Dr. Nicole:
That’s always how Nick ends it. But thank you guys for being here. Hop on a strategy call if you want to learn a little bit more about our Growth Institute and our Triple D so that you can get access to really figure out what is the root cause to why you are not necessarily getting your business where you want it to be. So link below, check it out.

Dr. Nick:
You’ve reached the end of another episode of the Integrative Entrepreneur podcast. Connect with us@integrativegrowthinstitute.com. Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to receive our free materials. See you at the next episode.

Dr. Nicole:
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